Crux of Asthma, Autism, and Antioxidants by Emily Deans:

  • Children with autism make less of the body’s own antioxidant – glutathione – and that makes them more vulnerable to toxins in the environment, since their body is less able to repair oxidative damage.
  • “Children under three […] have naturally low glutathione levels”
  • Our brain and airways are especially vulnerable to oxidative damage.
  • “the commonly used over the counter painkiller, acetaminophen (brand name Tylenol), is well-known for rapidly depleting the body’s glutathione stores.”
  • “the rise in childhood asthma does correlate with the disuse of aspirin (due to deadly Reyes syndrome) and increases in the use of Tylenol starting from the 1980s.”
  • There is a rough correspondence between sales of Tylenol and rates of asthma and autism in the 1980’s.