Crux of How Men’s Minds Reveal the Wisdom of Women’s Bodies by Steven Gaulin and Will Lassek:

  • Across the world, men prefer women with about 30% body fat – about six times more than other mammals.
  • To be attractive to men, this body fat must have a specific distribution: “with very little in the waist but much more in the hips, buttocks and thighs, producing a small waist-hip ratio.”
  • The human brain is about six times larger than would be expected for a mammal of comparable size. Since the brain is mostly made of fat, it is speculated that men prefer women with fat that can be used to build babies’ brains.
  • The type of fat needed for the brain is omega 3 DHA, which accumulates mostly around the hips. This may be the reason men prefer this specific fat distribution in women.
  • Commonly used seed oils contain omega 6 fats that competes metabolically with the omega 3 fats needed for brain development. The result is that “American women have very low levels of DHA in their breast milk, less than half that of the tribal Amazonian women”.