Crux of The Recovery of the Human by John Michael Greer:

  • There are three problems with accepting the myth of the machine:
    1. It causes you to avoid necessary adaptation, since you expect a machine will solve whatever problems come.
    2. It makes you depend on others who control the machines.
    3. Although machines were more efficient in the age of cheap energy, they will not be so now that we are passing peak-oil.
  • Machines need cheap abundant energy to function: “That energy powers the machine, (…) manufactures it, keeps spare parts in stock, and powers and supplies the huge networks that make it possible for the machine to do what it does.”
  • Since energy is becoming more expensive, human work will become superior to machines: “In a world without vast amounts of cheap energy, human flexibility and creativity consistently beats mindless mechanical rigidity.”
  • We will have to rediscover or invent our human capacities. But mainstream thinkers won’t help in this because they accept the mainstream myths of the machine and of progress.